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Kush N' Slide Exit Bag

Kush N’ Slide

Custom 20z Glass Jar

Glass Jars

Assorted Concentrate Containers

Concentrate Containers

Kraft Coin Envelope for Concentrates

Coin Envelopes

White Opaque Barrier Bag

Barrier Bags

Pre-Roll Tubes

Pre-Roll Tubes

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  • Winston's Cannabis 2oz Glass Jar
  • Branded pop-tops, barrierbags and concentrate containers.
    I see in your future...awesome custom cannabis packaging
  • Kush N' Slide Galactive Medicine Custom Exit Packaging
    Custom child resistant exit bags are out of this world!
  • Get your custom designed pre-roll tubes in multiple colors
    Sit back, relax and let our design bots do the work!
  • A variety of custom branded cannabis packaging.

We help bring your branding ideas to life.

Kush Bottles understands the time and effort it takes to create beautiful products. That’s why we create packaging solutions that help your brand stand out from the crowd. Don’t settle for plain packaging when your products deserves so much more.

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